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We offer you the best and cheapest car insurance quotes in Ireland with huge discounts on your next policy. Our Car Insurance brokers work with a range of  insurance companies to get our customers the cheapest quote and best policy benefits in Ireland. We are one of the best car insurance companies in Irelandwe help our customers save hundreds every year. We have discounts available for Named Driving Experience, No Claims Bonus, Company Cars, Luxury Vehicles, and Electric Cars. Every car insurance is different, so please fill out our Quote Request Form and one of our team will call you back with a cheap car insurance quote.

Why get your Car Insurance policy with Insure My Cars?

We are experts when it comes to getting you the best deals on your insurance. We have been getting our policyholders the cheapest car insurance for years. We work with the leading insurance companies in Ireland, who can help you secure a cheap quote on your next policy.

What Do Our Car Insurance Brokers do?

We make getting car insurance in Ireland easy. Our Car Insurance brokers make things easier for you by comparing quotes from the top car insurance companies in Ireland and negotiating the best policy for you. They are experts when it comes to helping you reduce your insurance premium and to get the best possible car insurance quote. will help you beat your car insurance premium. In some cases, we have saved some customers 50% off their existing quotes. Get the best quality car insurance in Ireland, with a great cover. Get in touch with us today for a quote.

Renew Your Car Insurance

Is it time to Renew your Car Insurance Policy? We make it quick and simple to do. Visit our Renewals page for more details.


Customer Care

If you have question about Car Insurance, we can help! Need to make a change to your policy or want to know what cover is available? Visit our customer care section.

FIND OUT MORE specialises in getting you the cheapest car
insurance deal in Ireland for you and your familys’ cars.

Family / Partner Car Insurance

We can offer car greater insurance discounts when adding a family member or partner to your policy.

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Electric Car Insurance

You may be surprised to learn that one of the benefits of buying an electric car is that you can now avail of a reduced car insurance premium.

Electric Car Insurance Quote

Company Car

We can get you a cheap car insurance quote with excellent benefits for company car policies. We offer the best value company car insurance quotes in Ireland.

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Luxury Vehicle

We realise that certain vehicles entail specialist high value car insurance cover and our specialist motor insurers provide exceptional cover at competitive prices.

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Our Car Insurance Testimonials

Last year I paid €2200 for insuring my two cars, you have saved me 50% this year. Keep up the good work


Wexford, Ireland

I received my cert and disc this morning, thank you for all your help. I will be recommending you to my friends and family, brilliant service.


Dublin, Ireland

You and your colleagues have been super to deal with. My husband insured with as your premium was the lowest. When he was involved in the accident, you were very helpful. I will definitely be renewing our policy with you guys! 


Dublin, Ireland

I cannot believe I have been paying so much for my insurance for the past few years. You have made my day with that quote and you have included breakdown assistance too. Brilliant.


Dublin, Ireland

I would like to thank you for all your help. In these difficult times, to be able to make such savings has been a great help to me. I will definitely be referring you and your company to others. Many Thanks.


Wexford, Ireland

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