Are you in search of the cheapest cars to insure in Ireland? One that won’t just get you from A to B but will also keep your insurance costs in check? Then, look no further. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve curated a list of the 10 cheapest cars to insure for first-time drivers in Ireland this year.

As leading car insurance brokers in Ireland, we understand the importance of not only finding an affordable car but also one that won’t break the bank when it comes to insurance. Let’s delve into the world of smart choices and savvy driving.


Factors Impacting Car Insurance Costs in Ireland

Before we dive into the specifics of the cheapest cars to insure this year, let’s understand what factors come into play when determining insurance premiums in Ireland. Making an informed choice about the vehicle you drive can significantly impact your insurance costs.

Car Model and Make

The type of car you drive is a key factor. Cars renowned for their safety features, such as advanced airbag systems and anti-lock brakes often receive cheap insurance premiums. Additionally, vehicles with a track record of lower repair costs are favoured by insurance companies. The reasoning behind this is simple – cars that are cheaper to repair result in lower claim amounts, making them more affordable to insure.

Insurers use historical data and statistics to assess risk, and if a specific car model has a pattern of higher claim rates, it’s likely to result in higher insurance costs. Opting for a car with a strong safety profile and economical repair history is a smart strategy for reducing insurance expenses.

Engine Size

The size of a car’s engine plays a crucial role in determining insurance costs. Smaller engines are often associated with lower performance and reduced power, making them less prone to high-speed accidents.

Insurance companies consider smaller engine sizes as indicative of vehicles that are generally driven more conservatively, contributing to a lower risk profile and, consequently, more affordable insurance premiums. Additionally, smaller engines often result in lower repair costs, another factor that influences insurance pricing.

Safety Features

Cars equipped with advanced safety features, like collision avoidance systems and lane assist warnings, show a commitment to minimising accidents. This makes them more appealing to provers of car insurance in Ireland.

The incorporation of such features not only enhances the safety of the vehicle but also signals to insurance providers that the car owner is proactive in mitigating potential risks, resulting in potential discounts and more budget-friendly insurance rates.

Security Features

Security features play a pivotal role in determining insurance premiums, as they directly impact the likelihood of theft or vandalism. Cars equipped with sophisticated anti-theft systems, such as GPS tracking and immobilisers, provide an added layer of protection, reducing the risk of the car being stolen.

Insurance companies often reward these proactive measures with discounts, encouraging owners to invest in security enhancements that not only safeguard their assets but also contribute to more affordable insurance coverage.

Driver’s Age and Experience

Insurance costs are significantly influenced by the driver’s age and experience. This is because young and inexperienced drivers are statistically more prone to accidents, and pose a higher risk for insurers. Opting for a car that’s less expensive to insure becomes a strategic choice for these drivers, helping them to navigate the financial challenges associated with higher premiums until they gain more experience on the road.

Making a wise choice when it comes to choosing a car can serve as a valuable tool for young drivers in managing insurance costs responsibly. Now, let’s take a look at the cheapest cars to insure for first-time drivers Ireland.


10 of The Cheapest Cars to Insure in Ireland This Year

Hyundai i10 is the cheapest car to insure in Ireland 2024

1. Hyundai i10

The Hyundai i10 is a budget-friendly car that excels in fuel efficiency and ease of handling. With its compact size, it’s perfect for navigating busy city streets. Safety features like airbags and stability control contribute to its lower insurance costs.

Additionally, its straightforward design and reliable performance make it a top choice for those seeking affordability without compromising quality. This is our number one choice when considering the cheapest cars to Insure in Ireland.

2. Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta, a long-time favourite, combines style with excellent fuel efficiency. Not only does it offer an enjoyable driving experience, but its safety features and reasonable repair costs make it a cheap car to insure for young drivers in Ireland. The Fiesta’s modern design and advanced technology features further enhance its appeal for drivers seeking a well-rounded and economical option.

3. Toyota Aygo

Did you know that Toyota has consistently ranked among the most popular cars in Ireland for the last number of years? It’s easy to see why! Known for its nimble handling, the Toyota Aygo is a compact car that shines in urban settings. With its efficient engine and compact design, it’s not just easy to manoeuvre; it’s also easy on the wallet when it comes to insurance.

The Aygo’s distinctive design and customizable features add a touch of personality, making it an appealing choice for those looking to express their style while keeping insurance costs low.

Tip: Toyota also offer an excellent range of hybrid cars in Ireland.