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At, we offer the best value Multi Car Insurance in Ireland. All of our policies can be tailored to meet your needs. Our insurance experts will work to get you the best deal for all your vehicles. Multiple car insurance is ideal for any partner/spouse who are looking to get a high-quality policy at a great price. It enables us to give you both a discount.

Benefits of Multi Car Insurance

  • You get a discount for having more than one car in the same household insured with us
  • We have great rates for young drivers whose parents choose
  • Tailored policies for each member of the family
  • Benefits can be added or removed to suit your needs
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Windscreen cover
  • Open Drive option
  • Replacement car in the event of an accident
  • Step back bonus protection
  • Full bonus protection


Additional policy benefits can be added:

Breakdown assistance available with Multi Car Insurance

Breakdown assistance is included with most of the Comprehensive policies we offer with our Multi Car Policy discount. This cover can vary from insurer to insurer. If this cover is included we will outline the details to you in our quotation. Some of our breakdown assistance providers may also give home start cover with the car insurance policy.

Windscreen Cover Available

Most of our Comprehensive policies will automatically include windscreen cover as an added benefit. Each insurance company will have a different limit on each claim amount or the total amount you may claim in a period of insurance. This benefit often covers you for damage to side windows and rear windows. When a windscreen is included, a claim under this section will not affect the No Claims Bonus on your insurance.

Full bonus and Step back Bonus Protection Available

Full Bonus Protection offers the greatest level of protection. It is beneficial if there is a claim made against your insurance. It means that you won’t lose any of your years of no claims driving keeping your no claims discount fully protected.

Step Back Bonus Protection typically costs less than Full Bonus Protection, however, it also offers you a lower form of cover. If there is a claim made against your insurance, you can lose part of your No Claims Discount. An example of this is if you have five years No Claims Bonus before a claim is made, this can be stepped back to 2-3 years meaning there is a reduction in your no claims discount, however it is partially protected.

Driving Other Cars

Driving Other Cars is a policy extension which enables you to drive somebody else’s car, that is not owned by you, hired or leased to you or a company car, and it’s different from our Multi Cars Insurance. This cover option only applies to the policyholder directly not to the named drivers.

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