Open Driving Insurance is a type of insurance option that covers any holder of a full Irish, UK or EU driver’s licence aged 25-70 to drive your car. At, we provide car insurance quotes including the open driving insurance option for a lower price.

When you’re taking out or renewing an insurance policy with us, you have the option of adding open drive insurance as a form of extra protection. This includes any Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire & Theft or Third Party Only policies.

What is an Open Driving Insurance?

You may have heard other terminology used by car insurance brokers in Ireland. Open drive insurance, or open driver insurance both mean the same thing. It allows other drivers aged between 25 and 70 with a full Irish, UK, or EU driver’s license to drive your vehicle. This option offers flexibility and convenience in your coverage.

Open driving insurance adds significant value to your policy. You’ve likely found yourself in situations where you wished you could share the driving burden of long trips with friends or family. This feature allows any eligible driver, without being named on your policy, to drive your car when needed. Open driving insurance applies when you want someone to drive your car without having to add them as a named driver on your policy.

It’s important to clarify that this add on doesn’t allow you to drive other people’s cars. If you’re looking for coverage to drive vehicles other than your own, that’s a separate feature. This is open referred to as “Driving Other Cars.” You can add this to your policy for a small fee, permitting you to drive other vehicles. However, this add-on subject to certain eligibility requirements. You should check with your insurance broker for more details.

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Benefits of Open Driving Insurance

Open drive insurance offers valuable benefits beyond traditional motor insurance policies. By extending coverage to more drivers, it provides flexibility and convenience. Here are some key advantages:

1. Flexibility:

Open driver insurance offers flexibility by letting you share your car with family, friends, or colleagues without adding them as named drivers. It’s perfect for households with multiple drivers or frequent car sharing.”

2. Convenience:

Open driving insurance offers convenience as authorised drivers can use your car whenever. This saves the hassle of arranging temporary coverage or seeking permission each time.

3. Emergency Situations:

In emergencies, like medical situations or urgent errands, open driving allows someone else to quickly drive your car. This is helpful if you’re unable to drive due to illness, injury, or unexpected events.

4. Cost Savings:

Adding it to your policy can be cost-effective as it extends coverage to multiple drivers under one policy. This could potentially save money compared to individual premiums.

By incorporating open-driven insurance into your car insurance policy, you can enjoy enhanced flexibility, convenience, and peace of mind. Plus, you’ll know that your car is adequately protected for various scenarios and authorised drivers.


Do I have an Open Driving Insurance?

Before adding open driving insurance, you should check if it’s already a part of your policy. People often forget about the added extras they’ve opted for at the start of their policy. So, you might find that you already have it.

Review your Certificate of Insurance for Open Drive Insurance or similar options. If you’re unsure, check your insurance account online or by contacting your insurer. If you’ve got motor insurance with, just give us a quick call on 01 231 9332 and we’ll let you know!

If you’ve completed these steps and confirmed your policy doesn’t include open driving insurance, keep reading. We’ll tell you about your eligibility and how to add it.


Who qualifies for Open Drive Insurance?

The bad news is that not everyone is eligible for open driver insurance. Different insurers have various criteria that both the policyholder and added drivers must meet. The good news? At, we work with 12 top insurers, increasing the chances of meeting these criteria!

Most insurers typically require policyholders to be aged between 25 and 70. They may also ask for a minimum of two years of No Claim Bonus. Additionally, some insurers may not offer open driver insurance for certain vehicle types. So, it’s essential to inquire or let your broker handle it. It’s important to note that some insurers may deny the open driver option under specific conditions. This may be the case if you have previously availed of a discount for a second car insurance with them. Requirements can vary, so it’s wise to gather multiple quotes or enlist a broker like We can compare options from 12 insurers and find the best fit!

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Who can drive my car with Open Driver Insurance?

As long as the other driver meets all the criteria imposed by your insurer, you’re free to allow anyone to drive your car. Most of the insurers we work with will have a few requirements in place for the other driver though. Some will specify that the other driver has to be aged between 25 and 70 or sometimes even 30 to 70. They can also limit the open driving insurance to drivers who have had no more than one claim in the past five years or wh