is a trade name of City Financial Marketing Group Ltd., an insurance broker that is regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland. City Financial Marketing Group Ltd is also a member of the Irish Brokers Association. Our aim is to be Ireland’s largest car insurance provider. By providing you with access to over 10 car insurance products we believe that not only will we be saving you money but we will also be saving you valuable time.

We will provide you with low cost car insurance and once you insure your cars with us, we will also offer you reduced insurance quotations for the other aspects of your life. We can also offer you amazing low rates for house insurance from our sister company

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Family Multicar Discount

Bundle all your car insurance policies and get discounted rates

Couples Discount

Insure both your cars with us and we’ll give you both a discount

Car Enthusiasts

If you are fed up of being told you can’t have more than one car, we will discount your policy. We specialise in getting you the best car insurance rates for all your cars

High Value Cars

We can provide specific cover for high value cars. We understand the car may not be used day to day. Our Multicar discount can be applied to get you the best rate specialises in getting you the best car insurance deal for you and your family’s cars.