Storm Barra

Accidents are more prevalent during heaving rain and storms, so it’s always best to check that your car insurance covers natural disasters.
In our list of tips below, we are gonna cover on how to avoid potentials accidents in heavy rain or during a storm,

1)    Keep your headlights on to see what’s ahead of you.

During bad weather such as a very rainy day or storm, a driver’s vision can be distorted due to the darkness from the clouds, the rain can distort your vision and this can be quite dangerous. It’s advisable to keep your dimmed headlights on, so you can see better and that your car becomes more visible to other drivers and pedestrians.

2)    Slow down- it takes longer to stop in the rain.

Rain makes it harder to drive and it can affect your car’s brakes which can ultimately cause an accident. The Road Safety Authority recommends that you increase your distance between cars in front of you and keep twice the stopping distance, so you will have more time to brake in the case of an emergency. Slow down your speed also if your visibility is worse than 100 meters.

3)    Use your windshield wipers during heavy rain.

Heavy rain as discussed earlier in this article can distort a drivers vision and potentially cause an accident. Before driving check your washer fluid levels and while driving use your windshield wipers to help you see better on the road. If the journey seems too dangerous, never put yourself at risk and stay at home.

4)    Be careful of hydroplaning

Hydroplaning is when water builds up in your car wheels and the road surface and it causes a loss of traction which can cause a vehicle to not respond correctly to inputs.  Drive slowly over the wet road, avoid puddles when you can and take your turns slowly to ensure better control over your car while in heavy rain, to avoid any potential accidents.

5)    Keep Your Windows up

If a storm is coming, or if you know a storm is going to be really bad, it is best to keep the windows up while driving. This will protect your car from water damage and any flying debris.

6)    Stay Alert

When there is heavy rain, visibility is reduced and the road surface becomes slippery. Pay extra attention to your surroundings and be prepared for changes in traffic patterns and sudden stops. You need to look after how you are driving but you also need to be more aware of other drivers because accidents are more common during heavy rain and road users may lose control over their cars. Sometimes, if the weather is too extreme and you’re not confident enough in your car or your skills, you can consider not driving at all or take a taxi as an insurance if you really need to travel in town.

Accidents can happen and you need the right cover to cover costs in the case of an emergency. Insure My Cars can help you get a cheap insurance policy with the best coverage,  Get in contact with us today for a quote.