Insure My Cars visited Ireland’s Vintage & Classic Cars Show’s 20th edition in Streete, Co. Westmeath on June 26th 2022 and we were happy to hear that many proud owners got their insurance from us.

Vintage & Classic Cars Show in Streete – 20th edition

Streete is a village and parish in County Westmeath and it lies on the regional road between Lismacaffery and Rathowen. The picturesque village has been the scene of the annual Vintage & Classic Cars Show in the last two decades, but the COVID-19 pandemic has put an unfortunate halt on the show for the last two years. Hence, this was the 20th anniversary edition, but it wasn’t the 20th show.

Despite the heavy showers, classic and vintage car owners and enthusiasts from all over Ireland showed up on the 26th of June. Armed with Wellies and hot tea from the festival’s stands, the crowd had plenty to do. The show provided something for everyone. A Vintage Tractors show for the hard-working Midland’s farmers, amusements for kids, food, live country music and dance for everyone. Over a hundred classic and vintage cars were waiting impatiently to be admired and photographed across the field. We can easily say that there was a car from each imaginable era. The scene was packed with hundreds of vintage car enthusiasts checking up some of the best classic cars – some admiring the cars, some looking to invest in their collection. As a leading classic car insurance company in Ireland, we were very proud to see so many well maintained classic and vintage cars and happy owners who got a cover from us.

If you want the see the reflection of the event in the local media, you can read this article in Westmeath Examiner.

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What makes a car vintage or classic in Ireland?

Well, for a car enthusiast almost any vehicle can be considered as classic, as long if it has a legendary status or sentimental value for the owner. But formally, for motor tax standards in Ireland, a car must have 30+ years to be categorised as classic. Moreover, cars that have been manufactured in the years 1919-1930 are classified as vintage. If they have been made before 1919, they are simply referred to as antique or veteran cars. For more detailed information, you can check our article on the differences between classic, vintage, antique and veteran cars.

When it comes about insurance purposes in Ireland, vintage and classic cars will be classified in a slightly different way, depending on the following aspects: usage – this shows how often it’s used, because it has to a second car with occasional use and not a main everyday car; yearly mileage – has to be low, for example less than 5.000 km or 10.000 km; condition – the car needs to be well maintained and its condition has to be good but alterations are allowed if they improve the condition of the vehicle; age – this will differ a lot from insurer to insurer, some regard 15 years old cars as classic, others only older cars that are at least 25 years old.

If you consider investing in a classic car, you can start by looking at online auto traders like who have a distinct section for Classic or the Vintage cars page on If you’re looking for the opinion and advice from other car enthusiasts in Ireland, two of the most reliable sources would be and Irish Veteran & Vintage Club.

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Why do you need vintage & classic car insurance in Ireland?

Vintage and classic cars fall under a different regime when it comes about insurance in Ireland. Although you are legally required to insure any car you drive in Ireland, classic and vintage cars require a more specialised cover. For instance, classic and vintage cars generally have a higher value than contemporary cars, so the policy needs to cover the high value in case of any claims.

Also, the premium for vintage and classic cars in Ireland is dependent on the annual usage you foresee, bringing down its cost if you drive it less often and with extra care. And, unlike your everyday car, these classic and vintage cars are most likely to present modifications over time, but this won’t hurt your premium as they are being seen rather as improvements to the integrity and safety of the vehicle. Lastly, you will need a specific insurance for a classic car, one that doesn’t include features that don’t apply, like no claims bonus.

So, whether you have a classic or a vintage car as your second drive, getting a good cover is crucial. Remember that some insurers can provide distinct cover for classic and vintage cars, because these are usually regarded as investments and have a high value. You surely don’t want to lose your investment in the unfortunate event of an accident or theft.

If you are the happy owner of a classic or vintage car and you’re looking for a good deal, just ask Insure my Cars to give you a car insurance quote now.