What to Consider When Your Car Battery Dies and What to Do When Your Car Battery Dies

Having a car battery die can be an easy solution or a costly trip to your local mechanic, we are going to look at what to do when your car battery dies and then the reasons why your battery may not be working.

What to do When Your Car Battery Dies?

Jump Start Your car

The first thing to do when your car battery dies is to jump start your car, get your jumper leads and someone with a car willing to help you, so you can get some charge in the battery and then in the best case scenerio if its just a dead batter with no damage, your alternator will charge the battery.

Get a Replacement Battery

If your battery is old and you have unsuccessfully got your battery working correctly after jump starting your car, it may be time to consider replacing your cars battery.

Get a Mechanic to check your Alternator

Your Alternator is a car part that charges your battery automatically when you are driving, this part is reccomended to be replaced every decade, so if your car is over a decade old, its probably time to get to your local mechanic and get your altenator changed.

We know having a dead battery can really cause issues and ruin our day, it’s one of the most common car problems today and it can happen for a multitude of different reasons. Let’s look into these reasons why your car battery may die and some things to look out for,

Reasons for a car battery not to work

  • When you leave your car, not in use for long periods of time.
  • If you have left your headlights on or the lights inside your car for long periods of time.
  • If you drive an old car where the battery is old and worn, car batteries have a limited period of life and need replacing.
  • The alternator is what charges your battery and if this is damaged, it can cause issues with charging your battery.