Penal Premiums: Car Insurance Cost Comparison Finds Huge Variation in Quotes for “Silver Motorists”

Older Driver Price Comparison Chart

The difference between insurance quotes for older drivers can run to as much as 200%. This is according to a cost comparison analysis, conducted by, which found that those over 60 could be paying as much as €800 too much in insurance premiums, as some insurers hit certain drivers with staggering premiums.

Jonathan Hehir, Managing Director of, says they have observed a concerning market trend whereby some drivers of a certain age find themselves faced with huge insurance quotes and many simply “accept & renew”,

When it comes to insurance, it’s widely known that the older the consumer, the less likely they are to shop around – mostly down to a fear of change and/ or a sense of loyalty to their current provider. As brokers we have noticed this, but we are not the only ones – insurers too are aware of this buyer behaviour, and it seem that some are capitalising on it in certain instances.

Everyone knows that young drivers are charged high premiums and need to shop around to find the best value, but far fewer people know that this is the same for drivers over the age of 60. Our cost comparison grid shows the vast differences in the premiums being quoted by insurers.”

Jonathan continued,

“In one case, the difference between the cheapest & the dearest premium quoted was €1200 – 195% greater than the cheapest premium! That’s big money! It is worrying because we know that some drivers who approach us to for a better deal are actually contemplating paying these huge premiums. And our cost comparison revealed that it’s not just 2 or 3 insurers charging more than everyone else – in each of the 3 examples a different insurer came offered the best premium so it’s impossible to identify an insurer that will consistently offer the best value in every case. What it really shows is the very real need to shop around.”

The car insurance experts at say they are trying to drive home the fact that loyalty in no way pays when it comes to insurers, Jonathan advised,

“You are unlikely to be rewarded by sticking with the same insurer year after year, in fact, you may be penalised for not moving. Insurers bank on inertia as a way of introducing creeping premium increases to those who won’t and don’t move at renewal”.

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